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We will optimize actual pages from your website instead of making doorway pages. It is recommended to make your main page an optimization priority. Other pages through out your site may also be optimized.We use proven techniques that provide long-term search engine placement results

Analysis of web site logs can be extremely time consuming and frustrating. Spotting trends in web site logs can be very hard. Many web site statistical trends are missed completely because they are very subtle. These subtle trends are often the most important trends for an online business. The professionals at SEO Analysis have been processing web site statistics and analyzing web logs since 1998.

There is always a relationship between search engine optimization and excellent website design. Simply put, one does not work without the other. At SEO Analysis, our team of professionals provides a wide array of design services that are scalable to your goals and budget. Whether you are building an Internet foundation or planning an existing website redesign, our staff can guide your steps along the road to e-commerce profitability.

Design services include:

  • Concept development
  • Audience messaging
  • Framework and architecture
  • Site host research
  • Copy development and editing
  • Graphic development and integration
  • Web-savvy colors and fonts
  • User interface "best practices"

Web development builds functionality into your website from the foundation up. Beginning with simple information requests and contact/lead collection, the boundaries are limitless on what your website can accomplish, while streamlining business processes.

Development services include:

  • Website functional objectives
  • Object-oriented development
  • Server-side programming
  • Browser optimization
  • Data collection and analysis

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