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eMail Marketing has been proven to work over the years. eMail Marketing is different the eMail spam. Marketing is directing your message to targeted addresses. These are addresses you either rent or gather from your own website.



Analysis of web site logs can be extremely time consuming and frustrating. Spotting trends in web site logs can be very hard. Many web site statistical trends are missed completely because they are very subtle. These subtle trends are often the most important trends for an online business. The professionals at SEO Analysis have been processing web site statistics and analyzing web logs since 1998.

We will optimize actual pages from your website instead of making doorway pages. It is recommended to make your main page an optimization priority. Other pages through out your site may also be optimized.We use proven techniques that provide long-term search engine placement results. This does NOT include cloaking, doorway pages, gateway pages or other tricks that result in short term search engine placement. Search engines do not like these short-cuts and will remove these types of pages from their indexes as SPAM.

All methods used by SEO Analysis are accepted and recommended by the search engines and directories.

We may need to edit your current website copy to reflect your keywords phrases. We also have professional copy writers on hand for when it is necessary to re-write your website copy. We understand that your company's brand and market presence are important to you, and we will work with your marketing department in the re-writing. Training and direction on writing copy for the Internet and search engines will also be provided for your marketing or Internet staff.

Services Included in Search Engine Optimization:

  • Keyword phrase selection
  • Optimize title and meta tags
  • Website copy re-writing if necessary
  • Search engine and directory submission

It can take up to three months for the search engines to pick up your newly optimized web pages. After this three-month period, you will see a difference in your search engine placement. Your site should rank in the top 20 for the keyword phrases your website was optimized for, in the major search engines.

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