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We will optimize actual pages from your website instead of making doorway pages. It is recommended to make your main page an optimization priority. Other pages through out your site may also be optimized.We use proven techniques that provide long-term search engine placement results

Analysis of web site logs can be extremely time consuming and frustrating. Spotting trends in web site logs can be very hard. Many web site statistical trends are missed completely because they are very subtle. These subtle trends are often the most important trends for an online business. The professionals at SEO Analysis have been processing web site statistics and analyzing web logs since 1998.

eMail Marketing has been proven to work over the years. eMail Marketing is different the eMail spam. Marketing is directing your message to targeted addresses. These are addresses you either rent or gather from your own website. SEO Analysis can help you with both of these options.

SEO Analysis can add a small box to your website to collect email addresses. The addresses are stored in a secure location and not sold to anyone. When you are ready to send out a message to your clients, SEO Analysis can help you develop the message. Once the message has been approved, SEO Analysis will send out the email to your mailing list. Full reporting will be provided. The number of emails sent, bounced, clicks and other data is available.

January 2004, online retailers were asked what was their most successful promotion vehicle for online holiday shopping. Far and away, sending e-mail to one's own list was on top:

  • Own e-mail promotion 86%
  • Search engine marketing 58%
  • Affiliate marketing 50%
  • Catalog drops 37%
  • Portal shopping listing 17%
  • Pop-up/pop-under 12%

Remember this isn’t like buying the CDs with millions of names. This is a list of people who want your information. This is a list of people who have signed up either on your website asking for information on your product or service, or a list of people who signed up to get information similar to your product or service.


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